The following movies are posted via YouTube or on my own site, in WMV format:

Last updated Tuesday, 07 January 2014

Arctic 2013:

The two short clips below were taken in August 2013 to the north of Spitzbergen and show mother and cub polar bears.  There are also further pictures here.

Polar Bear clip 1

Polar Bear clip 2

Antarctic 2012:

Thumbnail Working pack-ice December 2012

Artic 2012 Movies (not mine)

RRS «James Clark Ross» bryter is - YouTube                     RRS «James Clark Ross» bryter is - YouTube

Isbjørn sett fra James Clark Ross - YouTube

Mike's movies:

Antarctica 2011/12 Season:

Thumbnail Killer Whales, AntarcticaMike Gloistein                 Thumbnail  Humpback Whales, Mike Gloistein

Time lapse for January 2012

26th January 2012 – slightly lumpy seas

Working in the Weddell Sea,  January 2012

The following movies are posted via YouTube but can be viewed from this page

Thumbnail  Pilotage to Immingham  14th September 2011   Thumbnail Lumpy seas.  13th September 2011

ThumbnailApproaching Longyearbyen 2011                           ThumbnailDocking at Longyearbyen  2011

ThumbnailDeparting Longyearbyen 2011                                ThumbnailThe JCR in the Arctic.

 Thumbnail  JCR working pack ice                                             Thumbnail  JCR working pack ice 1

Thumbnail JCR  working pack ice 2                                                Thumbnail  JCR working pack ice 3

Thumbnail Lumpy seas                                                                                    Thumbnail Antarctic Peninsula

Thumbnail Humpback whales


Other YouTube movies (not mine!).

  Thumbnail Mooring deployment in Antarctica                     Thumbnail  JCR off Rothera,  Adelaide Island 

Thumbnail   JCR relief of King Edward Point,  2010                       Thumbnail River Clyde Pilotage,  Summer 2012