I  no longer accept QSL cards via the bureau.  With both e-QSL and LoTW available I feel that these are easy ways to confirm a contact.  Cards can be printed from e-QSL. If you would like a card for contacts please send direct. 

If sending direct,  please ensure envelopes are at least 160mm x 115mm.

Direct QSL's should be sent to:                                                           

Mike Gloistein, GM0HCQ QSL Manager
27 Stormont Way
Perthshire PH2 6SP

For all direct QSL's please enclose  a SASE (for the UK) or a self addressed envelope with either  an IRC or   2x $1 notes  (as postage in the UK has now increased and the exchange rate is so poor)   to cover my postal costs.  Cards sent direct without either of these will not be QSL'd .

PLEASE NOTE THAT IRC MUST BE VALID AND IN DATE.  If not valid then I won't be able to QSL.

I am always delighted to receive SWL reports and am happy to QSL as above.

All logs are also on  e-QSL and LotW and are updated to: 

GM0HCQ/MM to August 2018
VP8CMH/MM to August 2018
VP8ROT to 18th January 2015
VP8SGK 18th January 2015

The following are examples of  my current QSL cards:

  The current GM0HCQ and VP8CMH /MM QSL card.  Used with effect from June 2012.

The VP8ROT QSL card, kindly supplied by Marc,  ON5FP

The VP8SGK QSL card, kindly supplied by "The French Polar Team" Antarctic Challenge.