Amateur Radio Operations from onboard the RRS James Clark Ross

All of my current amateur radio operating is done from onboard the RRS James Clark Ross,  one of two British Antarctic Survey research and supply vessels. Details of my current operation (whilst I am onboard the ship) can be found via the Daily Update page.

Whilst in Antarctic and Falkland Island waters I use the call VP8CMH/MM.  At all other times  I use my home call,  GM0HCQ/MM.

On rare occasions I get the chance to operate from Rothera Base ,  Adelaide Island, using the call VP8ROT.  Due to difficulty with getting sufficient time ashore and also the removal of all HF equipment I regret that I am no longer able to operate from Signy Island,  part of the South Orkney group of islands,  or from South Georgia.

Following an upgrade of the commercial HF radio equipment onboard the ship in the summer of 2009 I now operate using a Kenwood TS-480 transceiver,  feeding 100w into a 10m vertical whip antenna that is mounted on the Monkey Island,  just above the Radio Room.

Please see the QSL page for details of how to QSL,  as I now only do so direct or via eqsl and LotW

The current GM0HCQ/MM and VP8CMH/MM QSL card.

The links below will take you to the pages that deal with base operations and also to information on how to QSL contacts.