VP8ROT Rothera Base,  Adelaide Island.

VP8ROT is the base callsign for Rothera Base,  located on Adelaide Island,  Antarctica.

Mike Gloistein,  GM0HCQ,  is the QSL Manager for this call,  and uses the call when visiting the base. Over the past few years the resident Communications Managers have also activated the call.

QSL cards are accepted  direct  or via e-QSL and LotW. Full information is available on the QSL page.

  A selection of images are at the bottom of the page.

Alan Messenger, VP8DPJ,  is the new Winter Comms Manager for 2016/17 season at the base and will be there for the next year or so.  He is keen to operate when time allows.


Position: Latitude 6734' S, Longitude 6808' W, Rothera Point, Adelaide Island, Antarctica, IOTA AN-001

Radio: Skanti TRP 8757, 100 Watts into a N/S dipole antenna.

Chief activities: Biology, geoscience, glaciology, atmospheric sciences. Main air facility for fieldwork, depot laying and links to South America and the Falkland Islands. Occupied: 25 October 1975 to present.

Rothera Station is the BAS logistics centre for the Antarctic Peninsula and home to well-equipped biological laboratories and facilities for a wide range of research. The station is situated on a rock and raised beach promontory at the southern extremity of Wormald Ice Piedmont, south-eastern Adelaide Island. The station has a 900 m crushed rock runway, with an associated hangar and bulk fuel storage facility, and a wharf for the discharge of cargo from supply ships. There is a transitory summer population of scientists and support staff who reach Rothera either by ship or through use of an intercontinental Dash-7 aircraft flying from the Falkland Islands.

Further facts on the base can be read HERE.

VP8ADE:  The base  has a 10m beacon which operates on 28.285MHz.  Please note that the base does not accept any qsl cards for the beacon.  Click on the link for some more info and pictures.  


Looking across the runway

Looking towards the base

The Control Tower

New Bransfield House



Mess Room