VP8SGK - King Edward Point,  South Georgia

VP8SGKPosition King Edward Point,   Cumberland Bay West,  South Georgia.   Latitude 5417' S, Longitude 3630'   AN-007

Chief activities: Biology, meteorology, geophysics and glaciology (1950-1982).

Occupied: 1 January 1950 to 1 January 1952 and 13 November 1969 to 3 April 1982.

A new base was built and has been  occupied since March 2001

The British Antarctic Survey has been contracted by the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands to provide and manage a scientific facility at King Edward Point, Grytviken, South Georgia. The new station will provide biological research on the marine living resources surrounding South Georgia and will complement the long-term research at Bird Island.

November 2017:  Sadly the HF equipment at King Edward Point is no longer in a working condition and it will be removed in the future.  This means that I will no longer be able to operate as VP8SGK from South Georgia.

The VP8SGK QSL card.

Below is a selection of images from South Georgia:

Operating from King Edward Point in April 2012

Pic Johnnie Edmonston

Grytviken church

Crows nest

Old machinerary

Whale catchers on the beach

Whale catcher Petrel

Whale bones on the beach

Old chain on the beach


Grytviken church

Looking towards Grytviken

South Georgia view

Sunset, South Georgia

Looking down on Cumberland Bay

Cumberland Bay

Harpoon heads

Station Managers House

Now a museum

South Georgia

King Edward Point

RRS James Clark Ross

During base relief

James Clark Ross at Grytviken

Old propellers

Outside the base at King Edward Point.

Seals on the beach

Grytviken Church

The cinema in front is no longer standing.

Memorial cross for Shackleton

Ernest Shackleton's grave

Looking across from the memorial cross to the base

South Georgia